Moving & Packing Supplies San Antonio

If you wouldn’t pack your sandwich for lunch in a moving blanket, then why are you packing your valued heirlooms in smelly boxes from the grocery store? Especially if you’re moving into brand new, squeaky clean storage here at Mainland.

Packing Boxes, Moving Blankets & More

We have packing boxes of every size available in San Antonio. We have book boxes for your textbooks, wardrobe boxes for your winter clothes when Texas summer temperatures rise, and every other box in between. We also offer all the other industry-grade packing supplies you need for any aspect of your move. We DO sell moving blankets and furniture cover for items that don’t fit into boxes! Your sandwich might not need foam peanuts or bubble wrap, but the framed pictures you’re storing certainly will.

Moving Supplies Available at Mainland

Don’t forget that our packing supplies can also help you ship your belongings to their ultimate destination.  Sometimes the best option for moving your belongings is in someone else’s shipping truck. Our packing paper and tape can wrap things up tight for safe travels.

Supplies for Sale On-Site

  •  Moving boxes, all sizes
  •  Wardrobe boxes
  •  Packing tape & dispensers
  •  Locks
  •  Packing bubble wrap
  •  Foam peanuts
  •  Packing paper
  •  Dish/glass packing kits
  •  Furniture & mattress covers
  •  Rope
  •  Shrink wrap
  •  Moving blankets
  •  Box cutters & Scissors

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