College Storage in San Antonio, TX

When San Antonio’s world-class college life has brought you here to the sweet spot of Texas, there’s not always as much room for your belongings as there is for your dreams. That’s where Mainland Self Storage comes in. We have the college storage you need.

Keep your dorm or apartment roomy enough to be a comfortable, stress-reducing personal space. Just down the road from campus, at 7407 Mainland Drive, you can store anything you don’t need the minute you wake up every morning. Our storage is perfect for just about everything. If you need student storage to store text books and seasonal clothing from semester to semester, a cheap closet is what you need. If your life outside the dorm – full of canoes, bikes, and camping gear – is why you need the room, storage lockers can come to your rescue. If you just seem to be in over your head, with no idea how to unclutter your bulging halls and walls, our storage professionals are at your service.

Student Storage

Storage for your Apartment or Dorm

Mainland is also here for those in-between times. Are you leaving for the summer or a semester abroad? Safely stow the contents of your room with us. If you need to move up or down in size from the storage locker you already have here at our Mainland Drive, we’ll help you make it happen easily, with no deposit either time. Don’t forget that our shipping supplies are at hand to help you send your belongings trucking or winging their way to your destination, without paying additional baggage fees to the airlines.

We know the load a college student is asked to carry these days. Mainland Self Storage is here to lighten it as much as possible.

Mainland Self Storage
7407 Mainland Rd
San Antonio, TX 78250

Office Hours
Tuesdays through Saturday
9:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday and Monday : Closed
Gate Hours
6:00am – 9:00pm Daily

 Clean, affordable units
 Online 24/7 move in
Online bill pay
 Electronic building access with code
 Recorded video surveillance
 Fenced & gated
 On site moving carts

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